Jonathan January Custom Reclaimed Furniture

Our materials:

We have a variety of materials readily available; from reclaimed historical lumber to highly figured local hardwoods.

Reclaimed antique wood is truly unrivaled in terms of its beauty, density and clarity.  Additionally, reclaimed lumber is valuable for its historical significance.  Reclaimed lumber is generally supplied from buildings built around the turn of the century and, as a consequence, is a reflection on the history of certain regions and industries. Recycled wood is very popular with those of us concerned with the environmental issues surrounding logging of the remaining stands of old growth forest. Our reclaimed lumber products come from old growth forests harvested decades ago and reduce the need to harvest current old growth stands.

Salvaged lumber generally contains varying degrees of "character marks" which result from previous joinery and the period milling process. These include saw marks, bolt and nail holes, mortises, notches, and the seasoning checks which result from being air-dried for many years. These are testament to the age and history of the piece, and in combination with the patina formed over many years, they give the piece a unique and visually interesting surface quality that is impossible to fake.


We take our finish process very seriously, and will work with you every step of the way to match a specific existing color, compliment a room tone, or to create something entirely new and unique. Our finishes are resistant to wine, beer, cola, coffee, tea, fruit juices, milk and water etc. according to German Industrial DIN 68861 - 1C. The finish does not contain biocides or preservatives. It is safe for man, animal and plant when dry and complies with German DIN 53160 (fast to perspiration and saliva) and EURO-NORM EN 71 (suitable for children’s toys).

Product care:

Our finishes make product care simple and easy. In most cases all that’s needed is an occasional wipe-down with a soft cloth dampened with water. The finish we use is extremely durable and is resistant to moisture for short periods of time.


Domestic Shipping:

We can arrange shipping anywhere in the United States including Hawaii and Alaska. Shipping and handling charges can vary dramatically based on size and weight. Minimums for single items under 50lbs that can be generically boxed and shipped UPS would start around $50.00. Minimums for larger pieces where we use common carriers that provide blanket-wrapped, air-ride trailer service typically start around $300.

Rental Policy:

We offer a rental program if you need to use some of our pieces on a temporary basis. Our rate is 20% of the regular retail price per week. Rentals for less than one week are priced at the full week rate. For art and sculpture rental, please inquire for specialized rates. We require a valid credit card, billing address, and telephone number, as payment is due at the time of rental. The customer is responsible for all transportation costs unless local delivery is requested at our posted rates. The customer is responsible for any damage.

Reclaimed Fir Bench and Table
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